Sunday, June 21, 2009

Are you excited yet?

I am here in Manchester, UK, but it doesn’t feel like I am here. It feels like I am in Toronto in the daytime and Windsor in the nighttime. Striking similarities between here and there – or there and here (depending on the location of the one who is reading this).

I am writing this while sipping on a Strongbow that was given to by my Edinburgh neighbours. Last night they knocked on our door. Two knocks then a mannish giggle.

To sum up the past two days is simple:

My suitcase is not small, just right. Yes, Jami and Heather – I packed extremely well! I think of it as an art. Amber’s sweet parents drove us to Toronto. They were staying one night in Toronto and brought a bigger suitcase than me.
It weighed 9.3 lbs. Amber’s weighed 13 or 17 lbs. We can’t remember.

I was my usual self during takeoff. It was comforting to know that Amber hated take off just as much as I did. I had to remind her (and myself to breathe). I knew she was breathing. She kept saying “Holy fuck!” Once in the air it was very relaxing. Almost like in a train 33,000 feet in the air.

I got spoiled during our two “hot meals.” They gave me vegan food. Lots of fruit!

We were located right near the wing. Nice view.

Our hostel is called “Hilton Chambers.” A cute little hotel. We have four beds in a decent sized room with an ensuite bathroom. We have our own key cards so we can leave all of our stuff in the room. Saturday night we had two guys. Sunday it is just us.

Our Italian roommate, Giuseppe, invited us out for drinks with two of his friends (one from England the other a cute little Norwegian girl. We accepted and had a great time. One of the boys, Jay, is trying to find a cure for meningitis or something. It seemed like a bullshit story, but he had like 4 people from a conference there with him. So, it’s hard not to believe

Amber and I got really drunk, went to Subway then joined a casino. Strolled home at 4 AM, which was really 11 PM in Canada – so I think we went home a tad too early.

Oh, and we found a British version of “The Loop.” It is most definitely called “Fab Café.” And everyone and their mother should go there.

Today was a lot of sight seeing. A lot of thing are closed on we just took some photos. Those will come soon. They are on the canon.

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Anonymous said...

OK so win with the packing! Im glad that you packed enough, and that you made it there in one piece. Yesterday at work, me Heather and I thought about you and what you were doing and then that creepo came in and she jetted to the back room leaving customers at her till lol...could have been one of the funnier moments of the night.
Anyway, so glad you made it safe, im so happy you having a good time already!!! I will check this blog everyday..i will comment often hoping that you will read it!
bye tits! be STDS..they are not covered! - Jami