Friday, May 15, 2009


Not sure which one I should display in my bathroom.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Monday Adventures

Note: In my previous blog, I complained about blogger. I have yet to find a suitable replacement. So, as for now, I will put up with with it. Unhappily of course.

Monday Adventures

Every Monday (so it seems), my mum and I have been venturing off into the county. Me with my camera of course, snapping photographs along the way. I thought I would chronicle our adventures.

My mum took me to this swan pond south of Amherstburg on Highway 18. Here, we found a nesting site for some of the most beautiful swans. I wish I had my zoom lens to get a little closer.

Our next stop was Colasonti's to do some plant shopping. And of course, we made a stop at the petting zoo to see the animals. Like this parrot who liked to imitate every movement of my mum. Even imitating her laugh.
And this Billy Goat's Gruff....who was trying to scare me away with his evil eye...

More to come...

Friday, May 1, 2009

Officially Hates Blogger

I am trying to find a new blog host.
I am sort of bored with blogger.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Meanwhile, the weather network has promised Amherstburg for a huge thunderstorm. Needlessness to say, it has conveniently decided to hit everywhere else in the county, except here.

Today we got a bit of drizzle. But I want lightening! Thunder!

This is all we got. A few clouds. A little wind.